Manager's Desk

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". – Nelson Mandela

On behalf of all of us at Mother Haleema Public School I am delighted to welcome you to what will clearly be an exciting, meaningful and blessed journey in the lives of your children. We believe there can be no higher calling than to deliver an outstanding education for your child and we have an excellent faculty and staff who are committed to that very purpose.

The exposure that we provide, the knowledge that we impart and the curriculum that we focus on prepares young minds to develop an in-depth understanding of fundamental skills in the arts and sciences, current world events, intercultural dialogue and fluency in the new technologies, thereby preparing students for the global challenges of the present and the future.

We value and treasure the uniqueness each child brings to the classroom. The very diverse cultural backgrounds and learning styles of our student community makes Pathways an ideal setting for positive and healthy learning. The richness of our academic programs encourages students to connect separate elements of knowledge to form a coherent perspective of the whole, thus producing insightful, creative and analytical thinkers.

We encourage you to partner with us and support our endeavors so as to have a fruitful and lasting impact on the lives of our younger generation. Together we can ensure they have a more informed understanding not only of themselves but also of the world in which they live. Let us collaboratively ignite the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the chosen generation at Mother Haleema Public School.
Khursheed Alam Ansari